MSNBC Candidate Matrix has a new polling device on their website for the presidential candidates that is interesting to say the least, which you can access it by clicking here. You can rate the candidates on a total of five issues -- the economy, energy, health care, immigration and the iraq war -- on how you feel about what they support. You can then submit your ratings to a member's poll in which all the ratings are taken into account and are visible to everyone.

Ron Paul is, of course, leading in the polls in every category. Is that surprising to anyone? Not to me.

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  1. Dawn said...
    I am a big fan of this matrix too. I encourage everyone to check it out. I also thought it was interesting that Ron Paul has such a pleasantly green hue in his column. Barak Obama too. What would happen if the two of them got together? Now that ticket would be very interesting to me.

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