Skull of Mush

So, according to a mysterious Professor Harrington, my skull is full of mush. His comment was in regards to a previous post entitled, "Vague Understandings." Please then, Professor Harrington, make yourself known and make at least one valid argument as to why my skull is full of mush instead of telling me that I should come back in ten years.

I find it ridiculous that a Professor would insult a person who is studying the political process and political philosophies and tell them to come back in years. Are you then implying that within ten years, my thoughts and beliefs will change? And what if they don't -- is my skull still filled with mush?"

I am not going to result to calling people names and insulting them.


  1. Alymc said...
    I thought teachers were supposed to teach,not degrade students for using their minds.
    And, I should go to IPFW why, again, Cory?
    Kody Tinnel said...
    The Professor Harrington character does not teach at IPFW, unless of course it is someone at IPFW who is using an alias.

    From my experiences at IPFW the teachers have been pretty professional, then again I have only gone there since August.
    Alymc said...
    Haha. Thanks for the clarification.

    I will still not be going to IPFW though, Cory.
    Cory Craig said...
    I googled the "Professor Harrington" character and a couple showed up. One that I noticed was a political science professor from NYU. But once again, I should not presume.
    Alymc said...
    All I can say is shame on him.

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