Ron Paul and MTV

As Kody Tinnel posted in his blog, Meet the Press Ignores Ron Paul, on how Tim Russert from Meet the Press managed to ignore Ron Paul's third quarter fund raising which exceeded $5 million dollars, MTV seems to be one of few that has fairly reported it.

It showed up in between commercials on their segment "MTV News" when they talked about Hilary Clinton's popularity in the polls and then mentioned that even though the numbers were high, others weren't "throwing in the towel" yet. MTV News mentioned that "darkhorse candidate" Ron Paul had raised over $5 million dollars.

Quite interesting how MTV News is not even a journalistic television station and they managed to report things fairly while others ignore Ron Paul.


  1. Alymc said...
    Haha. Mr. Webster had been saying Ron Paul had no chance ... and then he just told our class the other day about how he had raised more money than McCain or something.
    I was like yep ... he does have a chance.
    Kody Tinnel said...
    I am surprised that MTV would mention Ron Paul. I figured they would want people like Clinton, Obama, and Giuliani to dominate their news segments.

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