Everyone should watch this video in which Mitt Romney completely ignores the question from a medical marijuana patient in regards to whether Mitt Romney would arrest him -- if he became president -- for using marijuana for medical purposes.

It would be interesting to hear other people's opinion's on the matter of medical marijuana -- not the legalization of marijuana. As for me, I am, of course, all for medical marijuana.


  1. Kody Tinnel said...
    Great video.

    It seems that Romney is so anti drug that he doesn't even take the time or energy to research issues such as medical marijuana and take a stance that makes more sense based on the facts.

    I really hope Romney doesn't get the Republican nomination.
    Mark said...
    The thing about Romney is, I'm almost thinking that his position is partly influenced by being a Mormon. Mormons are against any and all drugs, including caffeine. I think it's possible his religious views may take priority over any other ideas.

    -Mark McLendon
    Kody Tinnel said...

    Good point. I forgot about the Mormon view on drugs.

    But his strong religious views are another reason I would not support him. While I don't care what someoene believes or doesn't believe I do not think elected officials should impose their religious or spiritual beliefs on the government.
    Cory Craig said...
    I agree with Kody.

    No matter one's religious beliefs, politics and religion should never mix. The main purpose of government is to protect the rights of individuals.

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